Roof Designs From Around the World

Architecture throughout the ages has seen developments in roofing design become as varied as the buildings themselfs . From the angular lines of Le Corbusier to the complexity of Gothic buildings of the late medieval period and everything in between. Roofing has both functional and aesthetic appeal. In this article we have shared some of… Read more »

Liquid Roofing Explained

Why Liquid Roofing There are several benefits of using liquid roofing systems. This waterproofing system offers extremely cost-effective way of making new, as well as existing roofs waterproof. When liquid systems are applied or installed correctly and subjected to proper maintenance, they offer long term life that is usually around 25 years. Liquid roofing is… Read more »

Insurance Coverage For Roof Repair And Replacement Costs

Wind or hail and storms can cause damage to your roof. Damage to titles may require repair or replacement. If repair work is not carried out immediately, a damaged section can lead to pests, energy waste, and flooding. Home owners are not always aware of the damage. Homeowners insurance an help with the burden of… Read more »

Checklist: Hiring A Professional Roofing Contractor

Roofing projects can be expensive if you do not take certain steps to ensure you make the right choice when choosing a contractor. You can keep your budget under control when you work with a professional roofing contractor. But how does one find a good professional roofing contractor? The following checklist will help you find… Read more »

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